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NOTE: Due to a ton of reasons, this newsletter ran late and cold-calling fell on the way-side. Vet searching will now continue at a greater pace through REUNION 2009.

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Moses: ( 1st name ) David 1969 A-Btry PFC Turret Mech. 4 Oct 43 - 11 Dec 01 Hamlet, NC. Exact death Index Match David A. Gray Sgt-5 67/68 B-Btry Age 60: 01/17/08 Wife: Diana Mineral City OH 1-330 Lewis Bird Sp-4 1969 A-Btry TRO 11 May 47 - Sept 03 Algodones, NM. Exact Match Death Index Roger E. Jones 1969 A-Btry 31 Oct 44 - July 1976 No Lest Residence, Orig. from WV. Exact match Death Index Gregory P. Lewis 1969 A-Btry Sp-4 Generators 29 June 48 - 17 Aug 01 No Last Residence Orig from NJ., Exact Death Index Match Leo M. Rangel 1969 A-Btry SFC Mess Hall Chief 9 Apr 26 - 6 July 04 El Paso, TX Exact Death Index Match Harvey J. Wadley Sp-4 1969 A-Btry Admin Clerk 9 May 50 -9 Dec 79 Chattanooga, TN. Exact Death Index Match

Mario J. Mejias Duster’s Sgt5 LZ/Oasis/Blkhwk 12/29/07 Phoenix AZ Donna: 602


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Howitzers vs. Guns: Howitzers have “high” trajectory “w/low” muzzle velocity, while Guns have “low” trajectory “w/high” nuzzle velocity. Thus our M-110 is listed as a howitzer, and our M-107 175mm is listed as a gun! ( Credit: Duane Geisen )

Digital VA Records: The VistA Sys. that the VA uses for medical records can be accessed from any state or US province. Records even include your x-rays. In addition, advanced directives such as burial instructions, power of attorney for health care, and wills are not effected the same way as if done under individual state laws. This is a plus for Vets who retire and then want to travel.

Vietnam Wall: the new website offers some records and photos of usually found only at the Nat. Archives.

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VA BENEFITS: The DOD & VA Admin. have agreed Nov. 7, 2007 to use one Pilot Single Physical Exam. Prior to this change, the two entities varied in disability ratings. If you were rated while still in the service, your rating might go up if you re-apply.

VA STATE BENEFITS: State benefits vary. The easiest way to stay up-dated is to belong to a Vet Org. that publishes a state newspaper. Amer. Leg. & DAV publishes bi-monthly in WI. One benefit in WI is property tax relief for 100% disabled Vets.

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VA New PTSD Ruling: March 2008: The new ruling on PTSD claims is for “Active Duty” only! Active Duty Vets determined to have PTSD are no longer required to file written explanations of “stressors” when submitting a claim. However, they must have a doctor’s diagnosis of PTSD as do ALL veterans in order to have a claim approved.

VA Mileage: DHA Directive 2008-006 After 30yrs, Feb. 1 2008, VA facilities must use ( DGBT*1*14 ) patch to sys’ to pay mileage for appt’s; $0.285 per mile. Deductables: $15.54 round trip, or max. $46.62 monthly. Info suggests using the VistA sys. and VA Form 70-3542d to submit mileage. Some means/restrictions apply, ask your local VA Hosp. Admin. for rules/forms.

VA Pamphlet: The 2008 Federal Benefits Guide Pamphlet ( 80-0-01 ) is now available. It has 135 pages of info for Vets and their families. Order: 1-800-512-1800, online at .

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Lessons Learned ( What are Friends For? ): If approached by a grizzly bear when hunting with your buddy, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to run faster than the bear. Just make sure you can run faster than your buddy!

( 4 ) 7/15th FA VIETNAM

FACTS & MEMORIES by B-Btry CPT. Duane Giesen, ..edited by Davo

One of the irritations I experience in life are the inaccuracies cited by those who believe they know a topic. Being able to counter a belief with “Facts” is not always easy to do. At times I’m asked about my Vietnam experience; my mind goes blank.

As people trained in the many aspects of Field Artillery, we were probably the best. Decades later w/o everyday experience, we just don’t have a handle on current details. I forgot much, our old systems no longer exist, and I would enjoy more the conversation of artillery with others if I was refreshed with facts.

My memories of a particular event have gaps or have completely disappeared. But I have found at reunions, sitting and talking about the past has given me loads of info to fill those gaps.

I know we are all unique. While some of us experienced the same event/s, none of us came away with the same details. So I thought I may be able to fill some gaps with an article on Facts & Myths.

( Editor Note ): Duane supplied new info on guns. See article pg. 10.

Facts: Vietnam was divided into four Corps areas, 7/15th FA under First Field Force in II-Corps.

II-Corps Arty HQ’s was loc’d in Cam Ranh Bay which controlled all non-divisional FA Units thru Grp. HQ’s, incl 41st Grp. at Phu Cat AB.

Myths: My flight landed in Bien Hoa 9 Oct 68 at 0018 hours. With few lights, I wondered if “Charlie” would blow us out of the sky, he didn’t. It was hot and humid at the 90th Relp. Co. How did your boots fit? Did you enjoy being palletized on a C-130, or fly in a Caribou?

I recall sitting on a hillside watching 16mm movies at UpLift, and the importance of the “exciter” bulb used for sound. I seen Dr. Zhivago & the Sound of Music while B-Btry fired missions and the 173rd Abn. firing illumination rds. w/their baseplates falling within our perimeter.

Facts/Memories Cont’d:

Remember MPC exchange day? The Vietnamese surely didn’t like this policy! You had 48 hours to turn in the old stuff and receive the new script.

Ok Vets, this concludes my first article. I hope you enjoyed it and the memories it brings back to you. Let me know if you disagree on it’s content as the facts benefit all of us.

“ALLONS”, and best wishes in the future to all of you…..Duane

ORLL’s & After Action Report:

We have a several page AAR for actions at FB-6 in 1971, and partial ORLL for Nov 70 to 31 Mar 71.

HHB/Svc: 8-10 Nov 70: Camp Fidel ( Phu Cat ) to Arty Hill/Pleiku.

Gun Btry. locations for 70-71 as GS to 1/92 FA, 5/16 FA, 52 FA Grp, 22 ARVN Arty, 22 Div. Arty. Many are ( 1 or 2 ) gun hip-shoots:

A-Btry: 15 Nov 70: LZ Blkhwk to Pierce, 21 Nov to Blkhwk, 20 Jan 71 to FSB 9 and back, 25 Jan: Blkhwk to Letrung & back, 9 Feb: Blkhwk to LZ Oasis, 11 Feb: LZ Oasis to Kontum & gun to Blkhwk. 13 Feb: Kontum to Polei Kleng, 26 Feb: Polei Kleng to Ben Het, 6 Mar: Ben Het to Tan Cahn, 18 Mar: Blkhwk to Weight-Davis, 31 Mar: Weight-Davis to Athena. During this time A-Btry suppt’d FB-6.

B-Btry: 13 Nov 70: LZ Two Bits to LZ Oasis, 25 Jan 71: LZ Oasis to Duc Co & back, 10 Feb: LZ Oasis & back, 13 Apr: LZ Oasis to Weight-Davis, 20 Apr: Weight-Davis to Phu Nhon, 30 Apr: Phu Nhon to Oasis.

C-Btry: 28 Dec 70: FSB Penn to FSB Logan & back, 3-4 Feb 71: FSB Penn to LZ Schueller, 2 Apr: LZ Schueller to Weight-Davis, 6 Apr: Weight-Davis to FSB Pierson, 23 Apr: ( 175mm ) FSB Pierson to Ben Het, 29-30 Apr: Ben Het to LZ Schueller.

At stand-down in Nov 1971, some members went to the 101st Abn. at the DMZ, possibly the 1/320th FA.

This ends 7/15 FA ORLL reports.

( 5 )


The AAR for the period of Mar and Apr 1971 are too extensive to publish in the newsletter.

Here are the stat’s on KIA’s: Phase ( 1 ): 205 enemy, 1 friendy, Phase ( 2 ) 88 enemy, 2 friendy, 8 wounded, Phase ( 3 ): 816 enemy, friendy 26, 80 wounded, 259 missing! ( assume most of the missing and wounded are ARVN ). Phase ( 4 ): 522 enemy, friendly 40, 78 wounded, 64 missing. 3 capt’d NVA

Weapons Lost, all phases: 368 sm arms, 27 M-60, 6 - 60mm mortars, 51 PRC signal equipment lost, 25 damaged resulting in lack of commo, 7 - 105mm guns destroyed, at least 4 by US at FB-6. Various heavy equip. trucks and APC’s.

Weapons Captured: 21 AK-47, 1 K-40, 7-B40, 2-b41, 1-60mm mortar, 3-122mm recoilless rifle. Munitions: 7-82mm, 12 grenades, 2-ASP’s completely destroyed.

A/7/15th FA: Received ARVN Unit Award for actions against the enemy for the period of 9 Feb to 22 Apr 1971 while firing close to 1000 rounds in suppt. of 22 ARVN DIV.

Intelligence Report: The Corps G2 failed to provide timely info to G2, 22 ARVN Div Fwd. Photo recon mission data was not passed on.

The attack on FB-6 was seen as a lack of timely, accurate enemy data. No reports were provided of enemy loc, strength, and intention throughout the oper. Little effort was taken to search the battlefields for info.

Some air recon missions were disrupted by fighting and US/ARVN units weren’t notified of missions. Aircraft wasn’t in contact resulting in needless halt of fire missions.

Three choppers were shot down, incl 1 Medevac, 1 re-supply, and 1 trying to extract troops. Another took hits landing at Tan Canh.

4/42 was ordered to destroy 4 guns at FB-6. They also employed 42 TAC Air Missions.

Sp-5 Deland D Zubke from B-Btry was listed MIA, then KIA.



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7/15th Field Artillery…. REUNION 2009 UPDATE….Odds & Ends


After serving as Historian from approximately 1998 to 2008, Dan Gillotti has now retired!

Dan was prominent in collecting history data for the unit association and website. He hosted a reunion in Ohio and helped w/most others. Dan also kept in contact with the 1st and 2nd BN’s, and helped commemorate our BN Regimental Room at Ft Drum.

The “Historian” position is open for a volunteer. In the mean time, Davo will try to fill the slot.

ALL history is now in Milwaukee.

The association thanks Dan and appreciates his contributions for all the hard work he’s done, and wishes him well in his future endeavors!

REUNION: JUNE 4 - 7, 2009:

Rich Pennell has negotiated the Omaha DoubleTree hotel. A tour to Casinos in Council Bluffs, IA. and/or Strategic Air Command Museum. Two speakers considered: MOH Navy Seal Bob Kerry, and Vietnam Vet Chuck Hagel.

Super-cheap hotel prices are gone! Rooms/travel will be more expensive than past reunions. Hotel is 10 minutes from airport, hotel shuttles for airport and events, everything is close to the hotel.

Start saving NOW for REUNION 2009!

Complete REUNION info will appear in the next issue of the Highlander.

PTSD & Firearms: H.R. 2640 / Public Law 110-180 & 2007 NICS Act allows background checks for mental conditions when buying firearms, for those determined to be a danger to themselves or others. An option allows an appeal to a denial. Word on the street: the law will NOT take guns away from PTSD Vets. Of 49 Mil. applications from 1999-04, 91000 were prohibited. PTSD Therapy: VA agrees w/the Inst. of Medicine that exposure-based and cognitive therapy prove effected in helping Vets: Patients write about their trauma refering everyday living to determine what brings on fear.

A few of our Vets took 6-8 week on-site PTSD courses that helped them dramatically; daily living/VA claims.


More Vets are filling VA claims for hearing loss / tininitis ( ringing) in ears. One 7/15th Vet received 10% disability for hearing loss. All he had to do was file a claim and take a test. While this amount of disability doesn’t make one rich, it does open the door to the VA Sys. You may be able to receive hearing aids, and it may also make one eligible for cheaper prescriptions drugs!


B-Btry Cpt. Duane Geisen , when asked about these, replied “We fired a lot of them!” These were similar to “Bee Hive” rounds as shown on page 9, in that they were anti-personal type. The 8-inch round had 106 “Bomblets” that when air-burst, each exploded separately covering a large area.

“Crater Analysis Teams”: Our men chosen to determine exactly what the enemy was using against us.


7/15 FA Dave Gunn / Nam Trip: http:// 72157604090711282 ( all one line ).

Iraq Casualties: DAV Newspaper: Between Oct 2001 -Feb. 2008, over 30,000 Vets returned w/service disabilities!

Vietnam Vets Parasite Warning!!!:

Cholangiocarcinoma in a cancer of the bile tract. It’s very rare in the US, but prevalent in Vietnam and areas surrounding. Two links to cause are hepatitis-C and water ingestion that has the parasite. Anyone having a gastrointestinal problem should ask their doctor about the symptoms included as dark urine, grey stool, weight loss, and abdominal pain... and side-effects.

Note: Leroy Cox HHB , mentioned several men getting dysentery while at Arty Hill in Pleiku in 1971. He heard that a couple actually died from it!? There could be a link? Anyone knowing of this, please reply.

GAS $$$: At $4 per gal., repair costs make more sense. Forget Gadgets, they Don’t work! Areas to look into:

Clean or Change Air Filter.

Spark Plugs: Clean/re-gap, oil fouled indicates piston ring problem. Ignition miss-fires can be related to plug Wires having worn insulation that ground to wire-looms or metal. Check sparks to ground at night.

Ignition Coils are usually ok or quit completely. They can crack and have grounding. Check at night.

Incorrect Tire Alignment can increase drag. Keep tires at the correct Air Pressure. Do NOT over-inflate!

Reduce aerodynamic drag: a front spoiler reduces airflow under the car.

To Reduce car Weight: remove any un-needed cargo.

Increase Mileage up to 27% by reducing highway speed 75 to 65mph.

Using Overdrive saves gas, but depending at what rpm your trans shifts at, using OD under 40mph can lead to excess trans shifting/wear.

Gas Quality can increase mileage by keeping fuel injectors filters clean.

Save huge costs: keep at least 1/2 Tank of gas in fuel injected cars to keep the fuel pump lubricated/cool.

Rebuild Carburetors that can wear, get dirty, and go out of adj.

Exhaust sys’s can reduce mileage. Some catalytic converters w/ceramic parts that can break off and wedge in the exhaust pipes reducing air flow.

Larger circumference Tires can increase mileage, but throws off the speedometer reading. By installing a Tachometer, you can use it for mph by marking the dial at certain speeds. It also can warn for trans slippage.

Changing the Differential Gears can increase mileage. BUT, cars using ABS brake sys’, reluctor gears must be chg’d, computer re-programmed.

There’s several websites showing gas prices, fuel economy, cost calculators, alternative rides and fuels.

Save money for gas expenses by going to places that are all down hill!

Don’t forget car-pooling!

747 Jets get 740 feet per gallon!

( 7 )



Most equipment like the 5-ton 6 x 6 Wrecker were assigned to service batteries. I don’t recall if all of our gun batteries had one.

Used to unload skids of projo’s from 5-ton ammo trucks, and pull engines from our guns, tube changes were a struggle. C-Btry photos show the front end of the wrecker in the air while lifting an 8-inch tube. Two were used on 175m tubes; a balancing act!

Crane payload was 7000 lbs, front winch pulled 20K lbs, rear winch: 45K lbs, rotary boom 20K: lbs, total weight: 34,4K lbs.

The 1968 model was made by Kaiser Jeep, had a LDT-465 Turbo eng, and 5-speed trans.

One drawback: a wheeled vehicle that could get mired in mud, such as the foot-deep mud of Arty-Hill. In which case, the M578 VTR ( Light Armored Recovery ) track would have been of better use in areas we went during the monsoon season.

Below is pictured a M543a2 being used at LZ Oasis Apr/May 1971 in support of actions at FB

6. Photo submitted by B-Btry Sp-5 Lionel Mousseau.

M578 VTR: The Light Armored Recovery Vehicle was designed to aid the removal of gun tubes from the M110 & M107 Howitzers. It used the same chassis as our guns, the Army developed and issued it to Arty units in the early 1970’s. When the guns were withdrawn from service, they were used as a battlefield recovery vehicle.

It had a crew of ( 3 ), weighed 53.6K lbs, came w/a 12.7mm HB Anti-aircraft gun w/500 rounds.

While I have seen photos of other Vietnam Arty units using the track, I haven’t received any photos and/or documentation showing our unit received any of these units as pictured below.

M578 VTR

The next in line for recovery vehicles is the huge M88 Armored Recovery Vehicle ( ARV ). Orig. designed for M45 Tanks, 2-3 week classes were given after “Track” School at Ft Knox by a Cav. Unit. This class I attended provided all info needed except tube changes!

Production started in 1959 by Bowen-McLaughlin and by 1977 added a diesel engine for the A1.Over 3K were built, in 1991 the prod line was started again to meet high demand. Chassis is similar to M45/M60 tanks, the A-Frame boom can lift 50K lbs. and can pull 90K lbs. via a 1-1/4” steel rope. Total weight: 105K lbs!

( 8 )

M-88 ( ARV )

C-Btry borrowed an M88 from the 1/69th Armor when possible, before our unit had our own ( aprox. Aug 1968 ). There was no limits to the unit as far as ability, except it couldn’t cross some bridges due to width and/or weight!


The M548 Cargo Carrier, “Mule” of gun sections and appreciated during our many “Hip-Shoots”! It could easily tow or haul equipment using the V6 275hp Detroit Diesel


Our FDC Command-Post track pictured above was a variant of the M-113 Series Troop Carriers, GMC 6V53 215 hp, as was the M-548.

6TH - BATTALION 15TH FIELD ARTILLERY History, News, and Veterans of the “Deadly” Battalion.

Submitted by John Sarantakes, Gather Kitchell & BN History Folder

Collected from our 6th BN History folder now in Milwaukee. ( 105mm Towed ) 1st INF DIV Vietnam. Our 6th BN, was an “Air Lifted” Unit and went to places our 8”/175 howitzers couldn’t go!

NOTE: The 6TH BN history will be published from articles in the order they appear in our files. Where info is questionably, data is taken from a 2004 156 page operational article.

History: The 6th BN was activated 1 Dec. 1966 at Ft Sill, OK. It had 35 officers, 3-WO’s, and 600 EM in HQ’s. A Svc-Btry, and 3 gun btry’s.

When activated, the unit knew it was going to Vietnam under 1st INF

Advanced party left Ft. Sill and arrived at Long Binh on 7 May 1967 to Phu Loi on 8 May, and Lai Khe 12 May. The main body left Oakland CA by ship, and moved to Vung Tau on 22 May. They moved directly via air to Lai Khe 27 May, with equip. arriving 30 May.

By Div. policy, the unit needed a “D” call-sign, and “Deadly” was chosen. HQ & Svc Btry’s at Lasi Khe, A-btry: Phu Loi, B/C btry’s at Phouc Vinh.

Orig. mission to be a base camp fire suppt. was chg’d to provide dir. suppt. to Inf. Combat Oper’s began 30 June 66.

22 June 67: 1st mission, C-Btry opening Hwy 13 Lai Khe to Quan Loi S. to Chan Thanh at FSB Dutchman and An Loc. AO of 2/28 INF. 4 July: via DIVARTY, 50 rd’s were fired for ea state, and during the ceremonies the BN band showed up!

11 July 67: C-Btry Quan Loi, with VC & NVA moving into area. TAC post set up W side of airstrip. This made a great target for Charlie w/ the red commo tower lights and a C Btry Vet shot them out on night as the VC started mortaring the area.

Over the next few months the 6th BN was OPCON to many units. 30 Sept 67: Unit fired 100,000th rd.

Oct 6-Nov 7: A/B-Btry’s Battles of: Da Yeu, Ong Thanh, Srok Silamlite, Loc Ninh, and Srok Rung.

At the Battle of Ong Thanh, 2LT Harold Durham C/6/15, acting as FO for D/2/28 Inf. was awarded the Metal of Honor for his actions. He volunteered for the OP to take place of an officer from 2/33 Arty.

Oct 30: A-Btry Loc Ninh suppt’d SF Camp attacked early on the day prior. Two CO’s 1/28 Inf helped set up a base S end of airstrip. Oct 30: 0055 hrs VC mortared, 3-hrs later the 1st & 2nd BN’s of 272 VC Regt. attacked in three waves across the airstrip to be cut down by Inf and direct 6/15th FA fire. Nov 1: VC attacked again, but were unable to mass due to 6/15’s point-direct fire. A third VC attack was unsuccessful on Nov 2. Oct/Nov was a busy time while moves were by chopper/road.

Deadly’s TAC CP had 12-15 men in FDC and a Cmd. element with Commo to control 3rd Bde Op’s.

Nov 29: Bu Dop: 273rd VC & NVA attacked SF Camp, Deadly arrived after midnight. There were two attacks that night, midnight and 3am directed at Arty. side of base. Direct “Bee Hive” HE Fire using CVT fuses was very effective allowing the 28 Inf to beat off the attacks. The enemy suffered heavy losses. Next day consisted of incoming mortars/ recoilless rifle fire w/several Arty men wounded and one KIA.

Bee Hive Round:

Pictured above is the 105mm version of the round containing 8000 8-Grain “Flechettes”.

Each Flechette is about 1-inch long and almost looks like a nail. One end is pointed, the other end has what appears as four small fins.

When used with the CVT fuse, the round explodes, sending 8000 projectiles into the surrounding perimeter.

You might say it’s similar to useing a scatter shotgun, but on a much larger range!

6/15TH VET SEARCHES: The contacts on page ( 3 ) have names to search! It’s best to use computers at home or a local library. Davo has a list from our guestbook/direct contacts. E-mail Check our guestbook: & website has a 6th BN page.

Use “Google” for searches or my favorite which has an advanced search page. For a fee, the website has several Million Vets listed for cross-ref, finding mid-initials, states, mos’, etc. for locating and for names, ages and phone numbers. Don’t wait until Reunion 2009, share names, old addresses, rosters/orders.

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“REVISED from last Issue” M-110, M-110a1, M-110a2 & M107 Self-Propelled Howitzers

Thanks to Duane Geisen for questioning the spec’s on the last issue article. The 8”/175mm’s we used in Vietnam were M-110 series.

The first SP 8” M-1/1944, replaced a 155m tube on the T-89 Gun Motor Carriage ( GMC ) produced by Pressed Steel Car CO. Re-designated Nov 1945 to M-43. The M-55 used in Korea was the last chassis w/an enclosed back. The M-110 entered service in 1962/63 750 made in the early 60’s. The first A-1 series ( 1977 ) used a tube 9 feet, 4-5/8 inches longer, by 1978 many units had been converted. The A-2 series added a double-baffle muzzle break to the tube. The A-2 in Army inventory ( 1023 ) through early 1990’s. ( M110-A1 to right: )

M-110 HULL DIMENTIONS: ENGINE SPEC’: Detroit Diesel, Length: 24”-3/8” from bottom of GMC V-8, # 8V71T ) 568 cu in. raised spade to tip of tube in the Bore 4.25”, Stroke 5” “Turbo” forward position. Comp/Ratio 17:1 HP@2300rpm: M-107: add 18.6’ =’s: 42’ 6-3/8” Net: 345 Gross: 405 Width: 10’- 4” TRANS: GMC Allision, torque-Height: top of cylinders: 9’-7” shifting, cross-drive, Gears: 4Ground Clearance: 17. 9” Frwd, 2-Rev., planetary geared Weight M110: 58,500 lbs. to front road wheel/track. Weight M107: 62,100 lbs FUEL & RANGE: 300 gals, 325 Most info Via II-Corps HQ’s & miles, 1-plus mpg, 35 mph max., 41st Grp; to Cpt. Duane Geisen. Cross-Country: 9 mph,

( 8V71T pictured to right )

M-110 SUSPENSION: ( 5 ) Road-Wheels, Front Wheel Drives, Rear Wheel is Tension/Idler, Center Wheel Tension-bars w/shocks, 151 Track-Shoes per side. ARMAMENT: 175/203mm w/40 cal. Rifled tubes, Interrupted-screw Breech, Hydro-pneumatic Recoil Sys. TUBE LIFE: via ORLL’s 175mm: 300 full-svc rnds/Zone 3, new style tube up to 700-1200, LZ Bkackhawk. PROJO RANGES: 8”: 16,800 meters, 175mm: 32,700 meters FUSES: Delay or Concrete Piercing MUZZLE-VELOCITY: 8”: 1950 fps. 175mm: 3000 fps RATE/FIRE: HE: 1.5/3 mins, sustained: 1/2 mins PROJO WEIGHT: 8” 200 lbs, 175mm: 147 lbs Various Powder Charges PROJO TYPES: M650 HERA ( Std. HE ) frag or blast, spin-stabilized. Others in later years: M509 &A1 w/180 M42 “Fire-Cracker” grenades. Later Yrs: M426 VX & M426 GB Nerve, M442 & M753 Nuke. POWDER: 8”: M-1 green/chg’s 1-5, M-2 white/chg.'s 5-7 175mm: M86A1 chg.'s 1-3 & Flash-reducer ( Red Devil ) XM5 Lands/Goorves/RH Twist: 8”: 64, 175m: 48 Lngth/Bore Cal’s: 8”: 25, 175mm: 60 M-115 Panoramic Telescope, M-116 Elbow Telescope, M-1A1 Fire Cont. Quadrant, M-1 Collimator, Breech Block: Welin-step thread, M-158 mount, rammer/loader assy: ORD# 10898300 M-107 30 Aug 63 TM-9-500 manual, TM-9-2300-216-10 basic issue manual

The engine/power-train of our era are still used today in the M-109A6 Paladin!

Did you know the front-drive planetary systems on today’s cars started w/the Olds Toronado, and used extensively on Mil trucks?

Pictured Right is the trans, w/o the final drives.

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